What’s Your Six-Word Story?

If you had to write a story about yourself using only six words, what would it be? You can choose words to describe what you look like, what you value, what you want from life. You can choose any words you like.

For my six-word story, I chose six words that I hope will be my legacy.  They are:


Six-word Story


What about you? What would your six-word story be?




13 comments on… “What’s Your Six-Word Story?”

  1. I hate these things. That’s not my story. My story would be something like – Don’t ever give up, or something along those lines. “Keep moving or get the hell out of the way.” That’s too many words, but it conveys how I feel. (See, I’m bad at this things.)

    It’s Friday and I don’t have a lot of brain cells left so, if I can come up with something better, I’ll swing by later with another comment.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Well, let’s see. The first one could be: Try Your Best, Never Give Up. The second one could be: Keep Moving And Don’t Look Back. Sending you a Friday *hug*

  2. See the light in the darkness…

    That’s how I try to live my life and that’s what I want for others. To focus on the positives. Great post, Suzanne! Happy Friday. 😉

  3. I love your six words Suzanne 🙂 I think mine would be Courage and Compassion. Make a Difference.

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