But I NEED a Kitty, Daddy!

Photo courtesy of JustCuteAnimals.com.
Photo courtesy of JustCuteAnimals.com.


Welcome to Just for Laughs on Friday. This dog needs a kitty in the worst way. Will his father let him have one? Watch and find out:

 I Need a Kitty, Daddy

What do you think, would you let him have one?

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8 comments on… “But I NEED a Kitty, Daddy!”

  1. Melissa Lewicki

    Too cute! We had a dog and a cat when we lived in Japan. They would sleep curled up together in front of the space heater in the winter and lie together under the air conditioner in the summer. They were so entertaining.

  2. Too cute! While some dogs (like my little Russet) resent cats, jt’s good to know that others accept them paws-down.

  3. Pamela

    Thanks for sharing that fabulous story Suzanne! I hope my dogs didn’t see me watching this, because we really don’t need any kittens around this farm! Hugs! Pamela

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