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Chief Warrant Officer, Will Vince
Chief Warrant Officer, Will Vince

By the time you read this, I’ll either be on my way to, in, or recovering from my bilateral mastectomy. In my absence I’ve decided to hand over the reins *clenches jaw* to my husband (pictured above). But before I let him have his say, let me set the stage for today’s post:

Last week I asked my husband to stop at the grocery store on his way home to pick up a few items that we needed. The conversation that ensued went as follows:

Him: Hmmmmm…Why don’t you add to your BLOG about how I do the grocery shopping, laundry, garbage, etc. AND sleep with a teddy bear! Oh wait, you already did that last part (see previous post)

Me: I will be sure to extoll more of your virtues in future blogs.

Him: You need to go through me…you don’t have copyrights to my life!

Me:  Yes I do, it’s in the contract. You should read it. But it does give you equal opportunity to start your own blog.

Him: What contract?

Me: The one they gave us in Turks and Caicos (where we got married). The addendum to the marriage contract. But I’ll tell you what, in order to give you the chance to set the record straight about who does what in our family, I’ll let you take over my blog for a day. He jumped at the chance and so, without further ado, here is a Letter From My Hubby:

Dear Friends, Family and Fans of Suzanne Whitfield Vince,

First, I’d like to thank my darling wife for giving me the opportunity to address all of you and to set the record straight on a few matters. First of all, I want you all to know that I am my wife’s biggest fan. I fully support her writing career and everything that involves. In fact, last summer I went with her to the RWA conference. Wow, that’s a lot of estrogen in one place. But it was cool.

But enough about her. Let’s talk about me and how hard it is to live under a microscope now that my wife has a blog. I mean, literally everything I say can and will be used against me in a future blog. She’s already accused me of having Male Pattern Forgetfulness, which is not even a real disorder, and ratted me out about sleeping with a teddy bear. The next thing I know she’ll be telling you that I watch The Real Housewives of Orange County (and New Jersey, which is a TOTAL train wreck), Tia and Tamara, and Little People in a Big world which is completely untrue, but when I confront her about any of it? Her response is, “I’m a fiction writer, honey. Everyone knows it’s all just made up stuff.”

Yeah, right. But today the stage is mine, so let me tell you a few things about her. Oh, wait, I’d better not. Instead I’ll just tell you how lucky I think my wife is. Whiles she cooks and does dishes, I take out the garbage, do the laundry (I even fold and put away) and the grocery shopping and, most importantly, I get up early every weekend with our dog Max, who can’t seem to sleep past 5am even after almost 5 years, so that my lovely wife can sleep in.

And, I’ve taken two weeks off work to care for her after her surgery today. I will tend to her every need without complaint. Her wish will be my command. Hungry? Not a problem. Fluff the pillows? You got it. Go buy me season two of Downtown Abby or the new John Mayer album? Right away, Dear. And I will do it with bells on because she deserves nothing less.

And speaking of John Mayer, my wife recently went public with her (one-sided) love affair with John Mayer and that I’m okay with it. I wanted to confirm that I am, in fact, okay with it because I have a similar relationship with Colbie Caillat.

And so dear friends, the next time you read something questionable in her blog about me, feel free to ask me. Just send an email to with the Subject: ASK HUBBY. I will promptly reply to your question.

Thank you once for giving me the chance to vent set the record straight.


HUBBY (aka Will)

What about you? Anyone else a victim of their significant other’s blog? Can I get an Amen?



22 comments on… “The Man Behind the Blog”

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  2. Hey, made my way here from the Wild Rider’s blog to wish you the best with your surgery. I’m sure you’ll do great! Good luck!

    Oh, and I’m the blogger in my house and on my street, so everyone knows to watch their P’s and Q’s around me lest their jackassery be put online. Lucky for them, I’m the biggest jackass of the group so I mostly just blog about myself.

  3. Susie Lindau sent me over! I’m thinking of you and sending best wishes. Our daughter had this surgery five years ago and has enjoyed a fit and healthy lifestyle ever since. Onward!

  4. Thinking of you Suz. Will, thank you for taking such good care of this beautiful blossoming woman. She’s pretty amazing.

  5. I jumped over here from Susie L’s blog. I don’t know you, Suzanne – but please know that I will be saying many prayers for you and wishing you a speedy recovery. 🙂

  6. I enjoyed the hubby blog. I remember meeting you at the supper the SVR gang had in the steak house. I’d say Suzanne married well. 🙂 Am keeping her in my thoughts today for an easy recovery. I am glad you will be at her beck and call for the next two weeks. I had cancer surgery and my hubby took care of me – he just wouldn’t respond to the ringing of a bell. 😉

  7. Roxannne

    Great blog!!! I’m glad Suzanne has a wonderful husband to take care of her during her time of need. Just remember, Suzanne, I am thinking about you and sending you my love and prayers. Will, keep up the good work in making your wife happy.

  8. I come to you by way of Susie Lindau….Saying a prayer today for you and wishing you a speedy recovery….God Bless you and yours….(Hubby did a wonderful job…but watch out…I think he’s going on a little power trip…grab the reins back from him as soon as you can!)

  9. Pamela

    Great blogging ‘Hubby’! Can’t wait to read more! Love to Suz and thank you for being there for her! Suz, you have all of our love. I’ll see you tomorrow! Sister

  10. Praying for you both. You don’t have to enter me in a contest. I’m very touched by your post, Will. Suzanne, came to your blog via the inimitable Susie Lindau. My thoughts are with you during this challenging time.

  11. Soma Mukherjee

    In my prayers Suzanne, wishing you speedy recovery 🙂
    sending healing fairy your way love ♥
    great write up Will 🙂

  12. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

    Hopped over from WIld Susie’s.
    Sending lots of encouraging energy.
    (and Will, yes, there’s sympathy to blog husband from mine. Hang in there.)
    Smiles and to all (no contest reply needed – good kid, that Will)

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