If Your Cat Could Speak

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Welcome to Just for Laughs on Friday. This week’s theme is All About Cats (see Life Lessons from the Cat). This video of Jupiter is courtesy of Snowbirdy6.

I hope you enjoy.

What about you? If your cat could talk, what would it say about you?

I love hearing from you. And to prove it, for every comment you leave, you’ll be entered into a drawing. At the end of the month, I will draw a lucky winner who will receive a $10 gift card (your choice, Amazon, Starbucks or iTunes). Winners will be announced in the first post of the following month.

1 comment on…“If Your Cat Could Speak”

  1. My cats would say “She makes good laps for snuggling, but she’s a little slow with the crunchies in the morning.” Mostly they seem to approve of me, because they sure get cranky on the days I leave the house for work!

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