Ode to Sweet Lorraine

If you haven’t heard this story yet, you’re in for a treat. Grab a box of tissue and read on. If you have, it’s worth hearing again.

In April of this year, 96 year-old Fred Stobaugh of Peoria, Illinois, lost his beloved wife of 73 years. As a tribute to her, he wrote her a love song that he called, Oh, Sweet Lorraine.

Over the summer, Fred entered the song in a contest hosted by a local recording studio. Entries were to be submitted via YouTube, but Fred submitted his entry directly to the studio with a note on the outside of the envelope that said, “P.S. I don’t sing, I would scare people. Ha ha.”

Inside the envelope was a handwritten copy of the song he wrote for his wife. He didn’t win the contest but the owners of Green Shoe Studio were so touched by Fred’s story that not only did they have his song professionally recorded, they turned it into a min-documentary and posted it on YouTube.  Have a look:

What did you think? Did Fred’s story inspire you? How does the love in your life inspire and motivate you?

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