Front Row to a Three-Ring Circus

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

So last night I took the dogs out to the front yard to do their nightly pee before bed, just as I do every night. I was wearing my pink sock monkey pajamas and my sock monkey slippers. Normally the dogs do their duty and come right back in.

But not last night.

They have a little friend in the court named Mocha, a little Chihuahua and something mix. Very small with a loud bark. So my dogs hear Mocha barking and go running over to her house. Great. Now I have to run through the court in my pajamas to go collect them (because God forbid they would actually ever come when I called them).

They’ve done this once or twice before and I’ve been able to collect them without incident.

But not last night.

As soon as I got over to Mocha’s house, Mocha’s mommy (Mary Anne) opens the front door and my dogs go bolting inside. As I stood there in horror, I see my dogs running circles around the inside of their house. They ran in circles through the living room (where Mocha’s dad, a retired circuit court Judge, was sitting in his easy chair watching tv), into the kitchen, through the dining room and back to the living room.

I apologized to Mary Anne, took a deep breath, and joined in the chase. After about 3 times around the circuit, I was able to grab Annabelle, and then Annabelle and I proceeded to do about 7 more laps around (and every time I passed the Judge I apologized profusely) before Max then took a detour and ran into their bedroom, jumped up on their bed and started barking at me. He was saying “this is bitchin mom!”  Meanwhile, Mocha is barking non-stop, wondering who the hell is invading her territory this way.

And then Max leaped off the bed and proceeded to run down the hallway where I was able to trap him (which wasn’t easy considering I was still holding Annabelle) and picked him up. I stood there shaking and sweaty, holding my two little monsters, fully aware that I was in my sock monkey pajamas and slippers, and Mary Anne proclaimed “What fun!  Your dogs are so cute!”

Yeah, cute isn’t the word I was thinking at the moment.

Feeling profoundly embarrassed and praying that I didn’t see my neighbors again for a very long time (never would suit me fine), I took my cute little dogs home, then collapsed on the couch in a fit of laughter at the absurdity of what had just happened. And then I decided that perhaps the backyard was the new destination for the nightly pee routine, at least when I have on my pink sock monkey jammies. Or the red ones. I have some of those too.

Have you ever had to chase after your dogs in your pajamas? What embarrassing things have you done in the name of your dogs? I want to know!

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11 comments on… “Front Row to a Three-Ring Circus”

  1. My little dog, Dolce, stayed in the elevator, when I got out. She rode up to the forty-first floor, got off and stood there shaking by herself. It took me a while to find her. Luckily, she didn’t get back on the elevator or go out on the roof!

  2. Melissa Lewicki

    We had one really smart dog, Chewie, and one really, really dumb dog, Schnookums. They were running around the front yard one afternoon. I called them to come in the house. Smart dog, Chewie, immediately came to me. Schnookums, no. So, I told Chewie to go back out there and get Schnookums and bring him in the house. He did.

  3. Our dog’s lucky he gets let out when he stands at the door. If he stays out there too long he doesn’t get let back in. He learned really quick to come back when the door re-opens. Especially in the winter. It gets real cold out there up here in the mountains.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. I had houseguests over for the weekend recently. They had a two-year-old that I was concerned might get Nipped on the fingers or worse by my three little monsters. So Sunday morning Everyone was enjoying Breakfast all sitting closely at the dining table. Deciding that was a good moment for me to slip in the bedroom next-door and change my clothes for the day I was surprised to see the little girl open my bedroom door at which point the three little monsters escaped the confines of my room and circling her barking, jumping, wagging tails. I hollered for my husband who oh wasn’t there. So i proceeded to run out there to try to capture the three little dogs. I wasn’t able to catch them! Circles around the living room. Circles around the little girl. Finally I picked up the little girl – back into my bedroom. Did I mention? I had not finished dressing so it was the girls commando! The good news, nobody really looked up from their newspaper at the table!

  5. Nancy J.

    I totally cracked up at your story. I can only imagine what everyone was thinking. I’m sure Mocha’s mom and the retired judge were just happy they weren’t you!! And they probably really liked your pjs 🙂 …. I had one funny experience with our neighbor’s dog. We didn’t have a dog at the time and I was in the house, walking up our stairs, and at the top of the stairs there was this super cute little dog. I instinctively said, “Hi Sweetie”, went to pet the dog and then thought, “what the heck is this dog doing in our house?” Luckily, she had a tag so I could take her home. I put her on a leash and brought her to the house behind us. When the husband opened the door, he looked strangely at me like “what are you doing with my dog?” We both chuckled and then he quickly put a board on the fence.

  6. Suzanne, what a fiasco. I cannot imagine. Yes, do let the dogs out in the backyard girl. lol. Cause, in most cases, dogs do not listen to their master. Oh what a night you had. 🙂

  7. Oh, my, your dogs must have been laughing all the way home. You know they did this on purpose, right? Just to see you sweat! How hilarious!

    We had a dog once that used to get out of the yard all the time and run wild through the neighborhood. One day I was walking him, (on a leash) and a person with a beautiful red setter walked up. He said, “Oh, I recognize your dog. He’s the father of this one’s puppies. Would you like one?” I thought I was going to melt into the sidewalk.

    • Oh my goodness, Suzanne, that is hilarious! My childhood dog, Smokey, was quite the neighborhood stud. He’d come home after he’d run away with his back legs shaking. 🙂

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