Your Gift as a Romance Author

Today I am pleased to have contemporary and historical romance writer, Kathy L Wheeler (writing as Kae Elle Wheeler) here to talk to you about the gift you have to share with the world. And you don’t need to be a romance writer to have it.

Kathy L WheelerKathy was born in Presque Isle, Maine. How she ended up in Texas, Colorado, and then Oklahoma is as much a mystery to her as anyone. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in Management Information Systems and a minor in Vocal Music.

Kathy/Kae lives with her musically talented husband in Edmond, Oklahoma, has one grown daughter and a bossy cat! Other passions include fantasy football, NBA, travel and musical theatre.

Kathy has generously offered to gift a copy of one of her books (your choice! e-book only). all you have to do to be eligible is leave a comment below. She will be here all day to answer your questions and reply to your comments.

Okay, Kathy, you’re on!

* * * * *

If you are ever in the need for a Romance Writers Conference, let me recommend the New Jersey’s conference held in Iselin, New Jersey.

Imagine, my dear romance writing friend, you are seated at the bar chatting to fellow attendees, when suddenly you are surrounded by the likes of Julie Ann Long, Julianne MacLean, Miranda Neville, Madeline Hunter, and keynote speaker — Sharon Sala. I thought I’d died and gone to Romance Writing Heaven.

The romance writing adventures and advice from such seasoned professionals flowed around me like the winds of a southern plains storm. So much to revel in. So much to learn!

Will I make it to their level?  Time will only tell.

What did I learn?  To persevere. I will not give up….I will not give up….I will not give up…

I wrote this over a year ago after I attended the Put Your Heart in a Book Conference in Iselin, New Jersey.  The parade of speakers presented was a star-studded list for the romance world that left me breathless.

What, might you ask, does this have to do with today? Plenty, when I tell you the topic of this discussion is Networking. Who do you know? Who might you meet? Who can help you?

AND:  Who can YOU help?

Yes, Networking is all about give and take. Of course, when someone asks you something about you, you answer. That’s a given. But what can you give in return? Start with asking them questions about them. Even better—listen to what they have to say.

That my friend, the truest gift you have to offer.

What about you? What do you consider to be your gift?

To learn more about Kathy / Kae Elle, look for her here:

“A dainty foot means nothing when one’s eyes flutter enough to change the weather. A deterrent to any prospective intended!”

Kathy L Wheeler Book Cover (2)


In addition to Kathy’s generous offer of a free copy of an e-book of your choice, I will sweeten the pot. For every comment you leave in the next two weeks, you’ll be entered to win a copy of my upcoming release, THE MANY LIVES OF JUNE CRANDALL. To increase your chance of winning, please subscribe to receive email notification of future posts (by entering your email address in the box above and to your right) and you’ll be entered into the drawing one additional time.

Photos provided by Kathy L Wheeler

3 comments on… “Your Gift as a Romance Author”

  1. Hmmm. I’ve never considered “what is my gift”? I won the Betty Crocker award in high school. So maybe cooking. I’ve passed the passion on to my daughter Julia who has a culinary degree and is completing a degree I. Nutrition. Yes. Maybe that’s it! Thanks for your eye opening blog!

  2. Kathy, that sounds like true excitement to be surrounded by big name authors that you admire. I feel the same way when I’m at the RWA national conference. I just look around and see a sea of people just like me intermingling with people who should have paparazzi following them around. It is so cool.

    Great post about networking. It is a give and take business that’s for sure.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. I think everyone has a gift to offer without even realizing it. One of mine, I would never have thought of as a “gift”, happens to be when there is a group of people who might not really know each other. I was told that I brought them together, made it easier for them to talk and communicate. My husband just says I talk too much. But other people say that I make them feel comfortable and fit in. I started observing others in situations and realized it was true. Not all people are comfortable talking to anyone, like me.

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