Date with a Duke: Q&A with Sara Ramsey

Sara_Ramsey-200x300My guest today is Sara Ramsey, award-winning author of the Muses of Mayfair historical romance series. Her next book, Duke of Thorns is due out tomorrow! Sara can usually be found drinking overly-artistic lattes, obsessing over the latest fashion trends, drinking champagne, or working on her next Regency historical romance. She lives in San Francisco, California, but she left her heart in Iowa.

So, what does a day in the life of Sara Ramsey, glamorous romance novelist, look like?
Much less glamorous than one would expect. First, there’s the whole day job thing. Need I say more? I usually write for an hour in the morning before heading off to work. As deadlines get closer, I also write in the evenings – usually over wine at my favorite wine bar. The staff at the cafes I go to know me so well now that they just keep pouring and leave me alone – although one of them swatted my hand with a newspaper last week when I was checking Twitter instead of typing on my manuscript 🙂

Tell me about your writing process? Mac, PC or pen and ink?
I write on my Mac laptop, preferably with champagne in hand, conjuring up what I imagine I would say if a dashing rake asked me to dance. But if I’m feeling stuck with the story, I switch to paper and ink – preferably using a lush fountain pen, but anything will do if I’m really in the a bind. There’s something about not having to stare at a blinking, demanding cursor that makes it easier to brainstorm, even though it’s slower to have to type up what I write after.

Sara Ramsey Book Cover

How did you get the idea for your latest novel, DUKE OF THORNS?
The hero of Duke of Thorns is actually the villain from the last Muses of Mayfair book. The Duke of Thorington very nearly stole the show in that book, and I knew that he needed to get his comeuppance (preferably at the hands of a very self-assured woman). But the new series, The Heiress Games, is centered around a trio of female cousins who are competing for an inheritance – a little bit Bachelorette, but with all my favorite Regency tropes thrown in (house parties! arranged marriages! compromising situations!). Thorington’s heroine, Callie, is an American privateer – certainly not the kind of woman Thorington could ever imagine himself falling for…

If you lived in the Regency period, would you be a bejeweled member of the ton, the charming but poor relation, or a maid below stairs, and why?
Bejeweled member of the ton, obviously! The charming but poor relation has some upsides, since she can always come out of her shell and surprise everyone. But given the general lack of sanitation, the absurdly hard work required to keep a house clean, and the already-difficult lives of women during that period in general, I’d say the more jewels the better 🙂 Not that money ever buys happiness, but I think I’d have a better shot at happiness if I wasn’t spending sixteen hours a day scrubbing pots.

And lastly, if you could rub a magic lamp and a genie would come out and grant you three wishes, what would you wish for?
1) security for my family and friends, 2) a wonderful man to sweep me off my feet (Prince Harry would be an option), and 3) that I would always look refreshed even after pulling an all-nighter writing (okay, that’s a little vain, but I’m sticking with it 🙂

You can find out more about Sara Ramsey at You can also find her on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. Her books are available on all major ebook retailers, and you can find all the buy links on her website here.

Sara has graciously agree to donate a copy of her brand new realease (ebook only), Duke of Thorns, to one lucky commenter! So don’t be shy!


4 comments on… “Date with a Duke: Q&A with Sara Ramsey”

  1. What a great snapshot of what your day is like Sara. I always wonder what other people’s days are like. Is that wierd?! I love doing anything with champagne in hand too! I can’t wait to read your new book!

    • Pamela, Me too, I love knowing what other people do and how they do it. You are the winner of my newest novel Duke of Thorns, coming out in about 10 days. I’ll let you know when you can download your copy! Thanks for visiting.

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