Dream BIG or Dream small, Just Dream!

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It’s Friday, and I’m serving up a little soul food. That is, food for your soul.

We all have goals and dreams, but sometimes we’re too shy or too embarrassed to speak them aloud.

In this short video, SoulPancake takes to the street and asks the question: What is your dream?

What about you? What dream do you have for your future?

6 comments on… “Dream BIG or Dream small, Just Dream!”

  1. That is so true. I think if we stop dreaming, we stop living. And that certainly was a creative way to get people to express their dreams. By the way, how are you? I hope you doing well after your surgery. You are in my thoughts! Take care Suzanne! 🙂

  2. I would really like to have a flower shop! Ok maybe serve coffee there too. But that’s it. Would you stop at my shop if I sold coffee AND flowers?

  3. Nice blog. Someone once said that old age is sad not because our joys have ended, but because our hopes have. Shouldn’t be. My grandfather lived to be 99 because he was trying to start a cosmetic company and he was writing a novel. Regardless of your sage, you always should have so something to reach for.

    • I agaree wholeheartedly, Marianna. Before I started writing I felt lost, directionless. I hope you are recovering well. I’ve been thinking of you.

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