For the Love of Jack

Photo courtesy of Karen Chamberlain

Meet Jack. A four pound Maltese dog. But he’s more than that to his mom, Karen Chamberlain. I asked Karen to stop by today to talk about Jack.

“Why don’t we start with what Jack means to you.”

“Jack is my child. I know that’s hard for some people to relate to, but he really is, that’s really how I feel about him. He came into my life when he was just 9 weeks old and 1 lb., at a time in my life when I wanted someone to take care of, someone to look after apart from myself, and it’s been my joy to love him and care for him ever since. He’s more than my dog, he’s my baby, and my soul mate. We have a connection that goes beyond owner and pet.”

Photo courtesy of Karen Chamberlain

On November 11, 2013, thieves ransacked Karen’s apartment in Studio City, California, and stole Jack.

“When the thieves took him, they ripped out part of my heart, and his.  He’s just waiting for me, he’ll always think he’s in a temporary life and that mom will be there soon and take him home.  That’s one of the hardest things about this, knowing that he was scared, knowing that he’s still confused, and not being able to do anything about it.”

Theft of pets, especially pure-breeds like Jack, is on the rise:

Karen is offering a $5,000 reward with a no-questions-asked return policy.

While there was nothing Karen could have done to prevent Jack from being stolen, I asked her what people can do to protect their pets.

“First, microchip them.  It’s NOT a GPS tracker, but it’s the only way to tie your pet to your name and contact information (a collar with tags is great if your dog or cat wanders off and some kind person finds them, but if they’re stolen, that can be removed, so do both). Be sure to register the chip and keep up the registration. And then there are the obvious things: don’t leave your pet unsupervised where they can be grabbed—your yard, tied up outside a store, etc. Most dogs are stolen because they’re easy marks. Treat them like you would your child, because that’s how they feel about us–we’re they’re world, they don’t want to be apart from us, and when they’re taken away, they can’t find some kind policeman or helpful adult and tell them what happened.”

I asked Karen what she’s done to find Jack.

“I’ve done pretty much everything that anyone has suggested: a Pet Amber Alert and a Home Again alert; I was on the local news right after it happened, and again recently when ABC7 did a story about pet theft; I’ve posted and distributed fliers all over L.A., and to groomers and vets. I’ve handed them out at pet-related events; I’ve worked with a private detective; started a Facebook page for him that has brought together animal lovers from all over who have been unbelievably supportive and have helped look for him, both online and by pounding the pavement; I’ve posted on various lost pet sites; placed bumper sticker magnets of his flier on my car and on several friends’ cars; scoured the internet, the animal shelters, Maltese rescue sites, craigslist, ebay, etc.); I’ve even talked to animal communicators and psychics. I also pray and meditate.”

Karen will never stop looking for Jack. Will never stop wondering where he is and if he’s okay. If he knows his mom is looking for him and how worried she is about him.

Photo courtesy of Karen Chamberlain
Photo courtesy of Karen Chamberlain

If you’ve ever known the love of an animal, then you understand the depth of Karen’s love for Jack. And perhaps a bit of the devastation she feels every day that her fur baby is missing.

Jack3 Jack is Missing

What can you do to help?

“A good friend is always reminding me that ‘it just takes one’—one person can make all the difference. So the more people who are aware, however we can reach them, the more likely we are to find that one person. Jack was most likely sold pretty quickly, which means he could be living anywhere now. And he could very well be living with someone who doesn’t  even realize he was stolen. So spreading the word is vital.”

And if you happen to see a pup that looks like Jack?

“If you think you see Jack, and you can (without putting yourself in danger) get a picture of him, you can text or email me, along with information about where he’s living, that’s great. I guess it all depends on the circumstances you see him in. If he’s with someone who is easy to talk to, who seems like the kind of person who’d be horrified to know they have a stolen dog, then it’s likely they’d be willing to talk to you. Show them Jack’s flier, ask them to call me.  If he’s with people who don’t seem safe to approach, well, that’s harder. I don’t want anyone putting themselves in harm’s way. But let me know where you think he is, and if you can sneak a photo to text or email me, then I can see if it’s him and take steps to recover him. I truly, truly am not interested in where or how or from whom they got him, I just want him back.”

No matter where you live, please help spread the word by sharing this post with your friends. Help Karen bring Jack home. You never know, you could be the one person to make a difference.

Find Jack on Social Media:
call or text: 818-452-8722

Please use hashtag #JackisMissing.

24 comments on… “For the Love of Jack”

  1. Ka'Wanda

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I do understand how animals are “children.” I will help spread the word! I pray for a speedy and safe return!

  2. That is just horrible. Stuff like this makes me so angry. I hope he is being treated kindly and will find his way home soon.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Karen Frisch

    I don’t understand how someone can be so cruel. It must be like having part of your heart torn out. I pray that somehow the right connections will happen with God’s help, and Jack will find his way back to you. Sometimes life provides miraculous reunions. May yours and Jack’s be one of them. I will spread the word and pray for you and Jack.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you so much for reading the post and sharing with your friends. I believe in the power of prayer, so please keep them coming. Jack belongs to my friend Karen who, as you can imagine, has been devastated by this. But we both believe that Jack and Karen will receive their miracle.

      God bless,

  4. I can’t imagine the pain you are going thru. I will keep you in my prayers always. I can’t imagine why and how someone could do this. I’ll bet the jackass took Jack home & gave it to his girlfriend or mother. Please Lord, let that be what happened. I wish the laws were tougher on anything to do with animals. Maybe some day before I die the laws will make thieves think twice before they do something to dogs. I am so sorry for your loss. Jack is a handsome little guy. God bless you forever.

    • Hi Vaunda,

      How nice of you to reach out. Jack actually belongs to my friend Karen Chamberlain. I’ve asked her to stop by and respond to your very kind words. I hope you’ll check back to see her reply. Thank you from the bottom of both our hearts for sharing the post and keeping Karen and Jack in your hearts.


  5. Dear Karen, I’m from Brazil and from here I think so much in Jack. I have also a Maltes. She is Mel (Honig in English) and she has the same face as Jack. I pray and pray now for Jack to come back to you, I know how you feel. I hope Jack come to you again.

  6. This is so sad ,I really feel so sorry for you ,How can there be such wicked people about, I have 2 Maltese myself ,I know what you are going through ,I pray that you will get Jack back ,this as brought tears to my eyes Suzanne,and I know how must feel I pray for you bless you ,I am susan from Swansea in wales.

  7. Pj Henson Bruce

    Please tell Jack’s Mother I am praying her Angel will be returned to her loving arms where he belongs right away. Our Angels are our hearts.

  8. I have cried for you and the hurt you must be feeling. I live in Alabama but I will put out the word in everyone I know from state to state. I have a few friends that maltese’s and they will be interested. Keep us posted. My heart hurts for you. I have yorkies and the thought of loosing one is heart breaking, especially if anyone were to take any of them. You will be in my prayers. Tell Janet to let me know if she is found! I am praying for a real quick return for you.

  9. Courtney

    Hi, I am completely distraught over your losing your precious Jack…I have a three year old Maltese named Molly, that look’s identical to Jack….did the people break into your home just to steal Jack or was it just part of the burglary? I wish there was something I could do to help you, all I can do is hope and pray that some greedy, evil person will want the $5,000 and return Jack safely to you….bless you and cyber hugs for all the pain and anguish you are going through….My Molly is my child/baby and I would not be able to rest until her return….prayers going out to you from afar…..don’t give up hope!!!!

  10. Jeannie Aka:"Angel" Wasmann

    HAWAI’I Animal LOVERS Are ALL Praying For Your “Beloved-Jack”, To Return Very Soon To His “Beloved-Mommies” Embrace And *LOVE*…


    *GOD* Continue To Abundantly “BLESS” You As You Continue Also To “BELIEVE” In “MIRACLES”, As *GOD* Hears EVERY PRAYER-!!!

    With HOPE Inside My HEART, I Send You *L*O*V*E* From ~Angel~ “J” On FB Known As Jeannie Wasmann

  11. Did you ever find Jack? There is no update here. This is horrible. I cannot imagine. I have a little one like Jack and I have his mommy. His mommy had to have surgery when he was just a week old so I bottle fed him (and his siblings). I kept Gizmo out of the litter. I can’t sit on the couch but he is attached to my hip like a tumor (a lovely tumor). I hope you have found your baby boy.

    • Hi Marylyn,

      No, I’m afraid that Karen has not yet found sweet little Jack, but she is not giving up hope. She still continues to search. I know, I look at my two little puppies every night and cannot imagine the pain of having one of them snatched from my life by a stranger. Enjoy your little Gizmo and his mommy.

      Happy new year to you.


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