If You Could See Inside My Heart

If You Could See Inside My Heart 2

How many times have you had an unpleasant encounter with someone and thought, “What’s the heck is their problem?” Or, “What got into them today?” Maybe you even know someone who, from the day you met them, they’ve been unpleasant.

But have you ever stopped to wonder if what might be going on in their lives to make them act this way?

Sure, some people are just unhappy (translation: unpleasant), regardless of their present circumstances, but sometimes there are things going on in the background of someone’s life that would, if you knew, change the way you responded to them.

Since I watched the following video I’ve found myself cutting people slack when they’re rude or unresponsive or generally unpleasant. My hope is that you will, too:

If We Could See Inside Other People’s Hearts

What did you think of this video? Did it make you stop and think? Do you think it will make you feel more compassionate toward the next person who is rude to you?

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6 comments on… “If You Could See Inside My Heart”

  1. Suzanne – Just because someone else is unpleasant doesn’t mean I have to be. One huge lesson my mom taught me was to find the good or the funny in otherwise lousy situations. I’ve found that a big smile, a sympathetic glance, or at times a comment go a long way towards letting people know that I see their pain. Yesterday I made a faceless frazzled repair tech scheduler laugh so hard that she was still chuckling when we hung up a few minutes later. She was clearly having an awful day when we started, but I’m betting she still had a smile in her voice when she answered the next call. Sometimes, the onus is on each of us to put the light back in someone else’s day. Someday, I know that when I need it, someone will bring that same light back to me.

  2. We all are going through things every day of our lives, something different for each person. That’s why we all should treat each other with patience and care. You really never know what a person is dealing with. Thanks for this thoughtful post, Suzanne.

  3. I have been in a couple of those situations and I do understand. I also remember the kindness of people in the hospital, the staff and it made a difference. I always try to treat people with respect and kindness. A smile goes a long way to lightening someone’s burden.

    Lovely post.

  4. I like the video, though it’s a heart breaker because I know so many people dealing with those things. I usually try to remind myself that I don’t know what a rude or unhappy person is dealing with in their life that might be causing them to strike out at others. Everyone has their story and no one escapes life’s bruises. Then again, there are the joyful times we have to look forward to, like the man who found out he’s going to be a dad. Nice post, Suzanne. Aloha!

  5. I love the video. I try to be kind always. I don’t always succeed, because sometimes people don’t deserve it, but I do try. And sometimes I’m the one having the bad day and I am the receiver of someone who I wished understood where I was standing. I guess that’s a 2-way street.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Sometimes it is hard to be kind when someone is less than pleasant. I’m guilty of that myself, so this video was a good reminder for me.

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