Dogs Rule After All

Cat in Dogs Bed

Welcome to Just for Laughs on Friday. If you love cats and dogs, you’ll love this video. Watch as dogs do everything in their power to reclaim their beds.

Has your cat ever tried to steal your dog’s bed? Who rules in your house? I want to know!

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5 comments on… “Dogs Rule After All”

  1. Marianne

    Looks more to me that Cats rule… lol, made my morning a more positive one…thank you for that Suz.

  2. Melissa Lewicki

    We had two cats and a dog. They lived very cooperatively together. One day my son made a quesadilla, cut it into four pieces and put it on the table. He left the room for five minutes to change his laundry. When he got back the cats were on the table eating a piece each. They had pushed a third piece onto the floor so the dog could share in the plunder.

  3. I loved this video! We have a cat that terrorized our old dog and always ran her off her dogbed. Now she’s gone, and my daughter brings over her little minpin dog, who terrorized our cat. Karma, baby!

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