The Case of the Stray Hair


So several months ago I was driving to work, sunglasses on, when I noticed a stray hair on my face that I could see below the rim of my sunglasses. Has this ever happened to you?  Well anyway, I tried to smooth it down to no avail. The darn thing kept popping back up.

Of course, I could only see this stray hair when I had my sunglasses on, so I kept forgetting to look for it when I was inside my house. Until the next morning when I’d be driving to work and then, voila, there it was again. This went on for a few months until I finally remembered one night when I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed.

So I put on my reading glasses, turned on both of the lights in the bathroom, and grabbed my two-sided mirror. One side has the super-duper magnifier, which I was sure would find that little sucker. I was wrong. I twisted and contorted my body every which way, tried both sides of the mirror, but nothing! No stray hair.

So then I decided to ask my husband to help me find it. I hesitated about doing this because my husband is anal about stray hairs and I knew that if we were  unsuccessful in finding it, he would be looking for nothing else every time he looked at my face from then on. So please understand, I was taking a big risk in asking him for his help.

So I handed him the tweezers and he set out in search of the hair, but he was not able to find it! Oh, crap, I thought. Now what?  Well, truthfully I forgot about the little bugger for a while because I got a new pair of sunglasses and I did not see the stray hair. Except that I knew it was there, and I am anything but a quitter. I was determined to find the darn thing.

So last week I decided to pull out the sunglasses I previously wore, where I could actually see the stray hair, and sure enough, there it was. So that night I brought the sunglasses inside the house, thinking that if I put them on in my bathroom under the bright lights, I could find the hair. The problem was, I cannot see close up without my reading glasses so I had to first put on my reading glasses and then my sunglasses over them. And still, I could not find the stray hair!

And then I thought about it, and a solution finally came to me. I knew the approximate area that that stray hair lived, so when I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed a few nights ago, I took my husband’s nose hair remover and ran it over that part of my face (yes, this was a little scary). I felt the thing rev up a few times (which indicates it has eradicated a hair), so I felt confident that I had, at long last, conquered the stray hair.

And for the next couple of days, I did not see the hair. I thought I was in the clear, but then this morning on my way to work, the sun shone on my face for a split second at just the right angle, and I am not kidding you right now, I saw the stray hair again! Or was it just an optical illusion?  My fear getting the better of me?   And then I wondered, am I being overly melodramatic about a stupid hair?  I have, after all, accepted the lines that suddenly appeared on my face, what’s one little stray hair?  Maybe if I give it name, I thought, maybe then I will actually be happy about the little guy. So for now, Fred and I will try to live in peaceful coexistence.

Or maybe, I’ll buy one of these:

Stray Hair Beware

What about you? Have you ever had a stray hair that drove you crazy? I want to know!

I love hearing from you. And to prove it, for every comment you leave, you’ll be entered into a drawing. At the end of the month, I will draw a lucky winner who will receive a $10 gift card (your choice, Amazon, Starbucks or iTunes). Winners will be announced in the first post of the following month.

5 comments on… “The Case of the Stray Hair”

  1. I haven’t had that experience but an itch can drive me crazy. Little things can really disturb you, but luckily little things can also make you happy!

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