The MeCation: How to Recognize When You Need One

Imagine yourself on your worst day. Crap piling up in stacks around you. People coming at you from every direction, wanting something from you NOW. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Late nights, early morning, missed deadlines. Days turn into months and nothing changes. The piles of crap around you just keep getting bigger. And bigger.

Throw in insomnia and the fact that somehow, all of your pants have simultaneously shrunk two sizes (must be the new dry cleaner, could NOT be the mounds of chocolate you’ve been consuming to deal with all the STRESS).

And it all comes down to this. On January 1st, the system you’ve been implementing will either work (and employees will actually receive a pay check), or you’ll be receiving your final pay check, er, IOU.

But before January 1st even arrives, you’ve turned into something like this:

Crazy Woman

Or this:

Crazy Woman2

You’ve become unrecognizable, even to yourself. And your husband dares to ask, “what is wrong with you?” And then makes the mistake of saying, “it has to be your hormones.”

And you begin to wonder, is the desire to savagely club someone (anyone at all) linked to a rise in hormones? Because if it is, maybe you can plead insanity.

Or maybe you should just take yourself on an extended MEcation. Not a VAcation because really, who would want to go on vacation with you right now? No, it must be a MEcation.

Here’s what you’ll need.

A few of these:

stack of books

A lot of this:


Throw in one of these:


Five days and nights of this:

Ocean House

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll come home looking like this:

cat in hammock

What about you? Have you ever taken a Me-cation? I want to know!


8 comments on… “The MeCation: How to Recognize When You Need One”

  1. Well, that’s kind of me right now. Woke up stressed this morning about everything I have to do and wondering how I could get through it all. Sure could use a Me-cation!

    • I’m sorry you’re feeling stressed, Cathy. You should definitely plan a MEcation! I can’t wait for mine…only a few more days.

  2. I can relate, Suzanne! Two months of having the house (and office) torn up for remodeling, plus book deadlines, plus a promotional campaign, and I’m ready to lock myself in a closet and suck my thumb! I’ve been trying to have ME-time every day – just a few minutes of solitude to empty my mind of must-do’s and the caterwauling of questions to refresh and rejuvenate. Some days it works – and others, not so much! It sounds like you’re on the other side of the mountain top now, so enjoy the glide back to sanity!
    Hugs – Yvonne

    • You’re making me tired just reading the long list of TO DO items, Yvonne. You’re an over-achiever after my own heart. A little solitude is a necessity to regroup and quiet the mind. I’m glad you’re trying to have even a few minutes each day. I think that’s part of why the stress has gotten the better of me these past few months–I stopped doing the things I need to do for me. I can’t wait to see pics of the new kitchen, etc, when it’s all done! Hugs.

  3. I have taken a Mecation and I so need another one. I’m sure I’ve been partly to blame for your stress (as you know the SVR crap just keeps a comin’).

    I hope you can get totally relaxed and energized. And, if it does turn out to be hormones, they have stuff to help with that too. I just say to my husband, “Yes, it is hormones now shut up or die.” That usually works.

    Hang in there my friend. I’ll be putting way less stress on you from now on. I can’t help with the other stuff though. Your’e on your own with that.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • No way, Patricia. SVR stuff is nothing (stress-wise), at least for me. I know that hasn’t been the case for you this past year. Hopefully far less stress for you in your new role!

  4. You are way ahead of your time sister. Of course it’s brilliant to recognize the need AND do something about it! I am so proud (read jealous) of you!

  5. Michelle

    Do I ‘need ‘ a mecation? No. Do I want a mecation? Desperately. Do I deserve one? Without a doubt, that’s an emphatic yes! Time alone, my own space, my own thoughts, and all of it uninterrupted by obligatory responsibilities! I take a 5 day mecation every year.

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