Study: 25% of Men Travel With Teddy Bears


Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

In 2010, CNN reported that the British hotel chain Travelodge did a study and determined that 25% of men take teddy bears on the road with them when they travel for business. Wow, I thought, and how many more actually sleep with them every night but are just too embarrassed to travel with one?

When I read the survey, I shared this information with my husband, who promptly asked how that information was obtained. “Did they have the housekeepers search the rooms of their guests??”

“I don’t know, the article didn’t say,” I said. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering if men actually display them on their beds, or if they hide them in their suitcases and only take them out at night?”

I grinned.  This survey information really seemed to upset him. “I don’t know,” I said. “But you might want to take that lock for your suitcase next time.  Just in case, I mean.”

He nodded thoughtfully. And that was the end of the conversation. At least until recently. Earlier this year I informed him that I was going to start my own website, complete with a blog. And like a typical man, he asked “why?” I looked at him with that look that we wives give our husbands when they say stupid stuff like that to us, and calmly explained my ideas and my vision.

And then I thought about how I could use my website to embarrass him and make him pay for asking the “why” question. And then it hit me. I would write an article about the men who travel with their teddy bears, and tell the world that he is one of them! So there it is folks. And its name is BB, which used to stand for Blue Boy, but since my sister re-stuffed him a couple of years back, he has been renamed Buff Body.

Photo by Suzanne Whitfield Vince
Photo by Suzanne Whitfield Vince

I knew there would be repercussions for exposing this information about him because he is an Officer in the Military (God bless our soldiers), and he would never want any of the “guys” to know he sleeps with a snuggly, but I decided it would be worth the risk. Besides, as long as none of his shipmates, as he sometimes calls them, read this blog, his secret will be safe.

And then, being the kind, loving and supportive guy that my husband is, he smiled and said “That’s great honey, but first of all, you know that is a heinous lie, and second, if you dare tell such a grievous lie in your blog, you might just find Timmy missing one of these days.”


Timmy. Photo by Suzanne Whitfield Vince
Timmy. Photo by Suzanne Whitfield Vince

“You wouldn’t!  Not Timmy!” I admit to having more than a few stuffed animals, and Timmy is the most special one.  My mother made him and since she passed away 12 years ago, every time I miss her, I just give him a squeeze and can I feel her love.

My love for stuffed animals started at a young age.
My love for stuffed animals started at a young age.

Timmy is so well loved that he looks like I’ve had him since I was 8 instead of 28.  But I’m not embarrassed to tell you this because I am, after all, a chick.  And it’s cool for chicks to have stuffed animals. Guys? Not so much.

But I decided I just couldn’t take a chance on anything happening to Timmy, so here it is folks, I made the whole story up (except the part about the actually survey, that part is true).  It was all a cruel lie (but fun, don’t you think?). BB does in fact belong to our daughter. But don’t worry folks, Timmy has been removed to a secure location, just in case.

What do you think about men who sleep with teddy bears? I want to know!


14 comments on… “Study: 25% of Men Travel With Teddy Bears”

  1. My husband has a Teddy bear, but he doesn’t sleep with it. Maybe he used to, but since I’ve known him (13 years now) he has never slept with it.

    And I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t travel with it. My husband travels with exactly 2 pair of underwear, 2 pair of shorts or jeans, 2 shirts, long or short-sleeved depending on the time of year and destination, and 1 pair of shoes, no matter how long he intends to be away from home. He refuses to pack anything that might be considered “unnecessary” or “extra baggage.”

    And then he has the audacity to complain about how much bigger my suitcase is than his. It’s bigger because I have to pack all of the things he didn’t, like toothpaste, swimsuit, sandals, rain coat, etc. etc.

    Men – gotta love em.

    And, I won’t say a word about Will sleeping with a teddy bear. His secret is safe. (wink)

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • That is so funny that he has it down to such a science, and even funnier that he gets upset at the size of your suitcase because you’re bringing all the things he didn’t pack. You just gotta love ’em.

  2. Ah Suzanne, wonderful story. Now what’s wrong with men sleeping with a Teddy bear, huh? lol. Can’t say that my hubby has ever owned a stuffed animal the entire time we’ve been married. If he wants to cuddle, he knows where to find me. He, he, he! Now, he did give me a cute Teddy bear a few years back and it had a beautiful watch inside. You never know what lurks within the heart of those cute little bears. 🙂

    • Why, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man sleeping with a teddy bear! Maybe it’s time to buy one for your husband. You never know, he might love it!

  3. Pamela

    Fun “story” Suz! I am the teddy bear owner of the family but I will say My husband has learned they joy of finding his made-up teddy bear voice in the last few years! We’re all kids at heart right?!

  4. My husband would never sleep with a teddy bear but I think it’s great if any man does. I would think he’s a very confident man. I too wonder how they bring these teddy bears with them.

  5. Yes.i have more teddy bears than most people. I sleep with teddies. My daughters go crazy over it. Even my office is full of teddies. Yes, im a male and i dont give a damn what people think. At least its makes me happy when days are sad and tough. Every man must have a few at least.

  6. I have at least 2 teddies that were given to me as gifts over the years, but never really paid any attention to them until recently when life got to be a real struggle. My emotions were all over the map to say the least .Then one night I felt so alone , angry and sad. I grabbed one teddy then the other and I held them tight until falling asleep with them in my arms. I woke up the next day and felt a sense of relief. I now take them with me in the car and talk to them and reassure them that I won’t be long when I leave them . When I return I’m so happy to see them and I give them a hug and tell them I love them and I know they love me too. I see a real person in them as a real person gave them to me so they symbolize that person watching over me. I am a man and I’m turning 63 soon.

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