David Cassidy Trivia

Photo Courtesy of Cache Creek Casino Resort
Photo Courtesy of Cache Creek Casino Resort

Last week I talked about my lifelong love affair with for David Cassidy (click here for link to post). If you share my passion for all things David Cassidy, try your hand at the following quiz. Results will be tallied and added to the results of next week’s The Partridge Family quiz.

The person with the most correct answers (combined) will win a $25 gift card of their choice (pending availability in my area). Post your answers in the comments section below.

Okay, ready? Set, go:

1. What are the names of David’s three half-brothers?
a. Danny, Chris and Shaun
b. Shaun, Ryan and Patrick
c. Steven, Shaun and Chris
d. Ryan, Steven and Shaun

2.  What food item is David allergic to?
a.  Strawberries
b.  Shellfish
c.  Garlic
d.  Gluten

3. What was the name of David’s character in Man Under Cover?
a.  Don
b.  Bruce
c.  Greg
d.  Dan

4.  David acted in all of the following television shows except:
a.  The Brady Bunch
b.  The Love Boat
c.  The Mod Squad
d.  Bonanza

5.  David made his stage debut in the 1960 play entitled:
a.  The Fantasticks
b.  Bye, Bye Birdy
c.  The Pajama Game
d.  Hello Dolly

6.  David’s middle name is:
a.  Wayne
b.  Bruce
c.  Jack
d.  William

7.  What television show did David compose the theme music for?
a.  Malcolm in the Middle
b.  Fantasy Island
c.  The John Larroquette Show
d.  All of the above

8.  David was a close friend of which of the members of The Beatles:
a.  John Lennon
b.  Paul McCartney
c.  George Harrison
d.  Ringo Starr

9.  David’s daughter, Katie Cassidy, had a recurring role as Juliet Sharp in which hit television show?
a.  New Girl
b.  Melrose Place
c.  Gossip Girl
d.  Harper’s Island

10.  David was initially paid how much per week for his role on The Partridge Family
a.  $6,000
b. $50,000
c. $500
d. $600

Stay tuned next Friday, November 29th for The Partridge Family Quiz. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 3rd.

And remember, even if you don’t win this contest, just by leaving a comment below you’ll be entered to win a $10 gift card at the end of the month.

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