Fixations as Writing Fodder

Yvonne Kohano HeaadshotToday I am very excited to welcome my good friend and fellow author, Yvonne Kohano. Yvonne is the author of six novels in the Flynn’s Crossing series.

As writers, we are often asked about the inspiration behind our books. The truth is, motivation comes from everywhere, and often in the places we expect it the least.



Yvonne is here to taunt you talk about fixations and how they serve her in her writing process. And to give you a taste of her brilliant writing style.

Without further ado, here’s Yvonne.

* * *

“The intensity of his gaze never wavered, his body almost vibrating with the need to move. He waits, allowing the seconds to draw out into a full minute, breathing slowly and deeply to contain his exhilaration. Prolonging the moment would only make the end result sweeter, bringing the much-needed release he craved.”

Does that sound like a killer about to strike?  A commando awaiting the order to go-go-go?  A terrorist about to make something go boom?  A lover in the throes of passion?  Read on.

“His fixation couldn’t be explained.  It lived in his DNA, and he was powerless to fight it.  The strength of his obsession overpowered any compassion he might have shown.  There was no other answer for this.  He had to attack.”

Ah, this isn’t sounding good for whatever this guy is focused on, does it?  Truth be told, we all fixate on something, whether it’s a love interest or a promotion, the flavors of our next meal or something darker and more harmful.  It’s in our nature to pursue something, even if it’s the belief that we’re laid back and don’t stress over anything.

I fixate on a number of things.  Writing, photography, travel.  I’ve never met a bookstore I could leave empty-handed and plants in garden nurseries make me weep with joy.  Routines bore me and new experiences are a must.  Luckily, I’m married to a wonderful man who isn’t terrorized when I need to throw things into a state of chaos on a regular basis.

Fixations make for great writing fodder too!  Here’s more.

“Shivers of ecstasy run through him, and his mouth opens slightly, panting.  There is no past, no future.  There is only this moment, the present, and he is poised to strike.  His quarry will never know, never understand, and most of all, never survive.”

Can you feel the intensity of his mania?  As a writer, I observe and experience these kinds of situations to help me create emotions in my characters.  Watch a child about to dig into an ice cream sundae, or wrench jockeys at a drag race when the fuel ignites, or foodies sitting down to a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant.  The anticipation builds and you can see it on their faces and in their body language.  Capturing that fixation makes my writer’s life worthwhile.

What happened to our hero/villain above?

“The cry, a mixture of taunt and promise, pulled the trigger and he leaped forward, covering the distance in three bounds.  The crow gave a flap of its glossy black wings, sounding its jeer to provoke him further, and he jumped high, missing the bird as it cleared the fence and disappeared over the neighboring yard. Tail curled and poised, he scanned the horizon, every vigilant in case another of the intruders waited for his guard to falter.”

Yvonne Flynn

Did I mention that the inspiration for this is my hound dog, Flynn, fixating on a crow in the backyard?  Inspiration comes from many places!

Where does your creative inspiration come from, whatever your favorite medium?  I’d love to hear about it! And as an added incentive, I will gift any of the books in my Flynn’s Crossing series to one lucky commenter.

Happy creating – Yvonne

Blunt Cut Justice, Book 7 in the Flynn’s Crossing Series, coming this fall!  Follow Yvonne at, on Facebook as Yvonne Kohano, and on Twitter @yvonnekohano.

About Yvonne:
After careers as a management consultant and academic university professor, Yvonne Kohano returned to her first great ambition, storytelling in the fictional realm.  Her current work is in the romance and romantic suspense genres, with an upcoming suspense series in progress as well.

Weighing the benefits and risks in today’s publishing market, Yvonne has chosen to follow the indie press route – for now.  Who knows what next year’s publishing industry trends will bring!  She is a member of the RWA and the Sacramento Valley Rose RWA chapter.

Yvonne and her husband John live on a ranch where they used to raise llamas.  Now livestock-free, they spend their time taking cruises, gardening, creating yummy dinners, and keeping their dog kids happy.  And Yvonne reads – a lot!  Her Kindle Fire is never far from her side, often stacked on top of a big pile of must-read paper books and magazines that serve as ongoing inspiration.

In addition to Yvonne’s gift of a book from her Flynn’s Crossing series, for every comment you leave, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a copy of my upcoming release, THE MANY LIVES OF JUNE CRANDALL. To increase your chance of winning, please subscribe to receive email notification of future posts (by entering your email address in the box above and to your right) and you’ll be entered into the drawing one additional time.

Photos courtesy of Yvonne Kohano

8 comments on… “Fixations as Writing Fodder”

  1. Loucinda McGary

    What a fun post, Yvonne! Inspirations really do come from everywhere. I know mine do also, and I never quite know when and how they will strike, but it is always gratifying when they do.

    Can’t wait to read the latest in your Flynn’s Crossing series!

    • Thanks Cindy! I’ve come to rely on my cell phone to take pictures of ideas I find inspiring, a notebook that’s with me always to capture words, and adventures to bring me new things! I’m looking forward to the new book as well – both Marlee and Jake have their dark secrets! Yvonne

    • Thanks Jessi! Ideas on how to express emotion or a sense are all around us, I find. And Flynn is a master at being VERY expressive! 🙂 Yvonne

  2. Ah yes – inspiration comes from everywhere. I often find that traveling for long periods of time in a car, bus, plane, etc., but especially ground travel, inspires me to wonder what happened here 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 300. I try to visualize what people wore, ate, looked like. Sometimes I think up whole stories in those few passing moments. And of course working for a family law attorney provides some excellent fodder for books.

    I love that your dog’s name is Flynn and coincidentally so are your books. Hmmmm.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • As you can probably guess, Patricia, the name coincidence wasn’t exactly that! I too like to make up stories based on what I see traveling. My favorite game is making up stories about the people I see around me, like in restaurants and stores. My hubby and I can keep ourselves amused for hours! It probably helps to have been told to make up games with cardboard boxes and old bedsheets when I was a kid! Yvonne

  3. I guessed right!! Fun and very informative post. I love your enthusiasm which i share in so many ways. It validates me!

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