My Night With David Cassidy

I am reposting this in honor of the first man to lay claim to my heart. Job well done, David. May you rest with Angels. PS I think I love you.

Photo Courtesy of Cache Creek Casino Resort
Photo Courtesy of Cache Creek Casino Resort

I fell in love for the first time on September 25, 1970. I was nine. And a half. His name was David Cassidy, star of the new hit-show The Partridge Family. Every Friday night for the next four years I tuned in to watch him sing his hit songs. I bought every album and played them until my sisters screamed for mercy.

I saved my allowance to buy the most recent Tiger Beat magazine, and I hung posters of him on the back of my door and kissed him goodnight. Every night. I even hung one on the ceiling above my bed so I could see him first thing every morning and last thing before I turned out the light.

My love for David has been an enduring love. Though he dropped off the radar screen after the show ended in March of 1974, he has remained firmly implanted in my heart. I’ve been in love a few times since David—Donny Osmond was next in line—but nothing can ever replace or even equal that special feeling you get from your first true love.

And then one day, a few years ago, I happened to be talking to the entertainment manager at the Indian Casino I work for. “Ben,” I said, “you should think about getting David Cassidy to perform here.” To my surprise and delight, Ben thought it was a great idea. My heart began to flip-flop at the thought.

Ben called me a few weeks later to share the good news. David Cassidy had been booked. He was coming to my home turf, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands (and hopefully lips) on him.  “I’ll need a front row ticket,” I told Ben. “And a ticket the meet-and-greet.”

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Whitfield Vince
Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Whitfield Vince

I spent the entire week before the show trying on every possible outfit combination. When the big night arrived I left work early, checked into the B&B down the street with two girlfriends, and primped like I was going to the Prom. Over dinner, my friends and I thumbed through the Tiger Beat magazine I’d bought on EBay for $20 to find all the places where David had autographed (courtesy of Ben). We laughed hysterically at the back page:

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Whitfield Vince
Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Whitfield Vince

Finally, the big moment arrived. I took my seat in the front row, dead center, and sucked air in through the narrow opening in my throat. When the lights dimmed and he took the stage, I was no longer a forty-something, happily-married woman. I was a young girl, and I was in love.

David began singing—not sure what song—and I pulled out my cell phone to capture the moment. I knew cameras were forbidden, but hey, I knew the security director so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get kicked out. David stood on the stage, directly in front of me, and motioned with his finger for me to come to the stage.

My heart raced and my cheeks burned. Crap, he was going to take my phone. And then something I never expected happened. David bent down, leaned over, and kissed me! Full on the lips, he kissed me. The feel of his lips on mine—comingled with the scent of his cologne—was more than I could bear.

I can die now. My life is complete.

It was then that the women rushed the stage. I stayed put with my forearms resting on the stage, claiming my spot, daring the other women with my eyes to even try impinging on my territory. I craned my neck and stared up at him with adoring eyes, and it seemed every song was sung just for me. And then, something else unexpected happened.

David towered over us, wiping the sweat from his brow with a small blue towel, and my friend Janine asked David if she could have the towel. Incredulous, he asked her why she wanted it. “Because my friend here has been in love with you her entire life,” she said. A few minutes later, David dropped it in front of her.

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Whitfield Vince
Photo courtesy of Suzanne Whitfield Vince

After the show, I slapped my meet-and-greet pass on and stormed the line, managing to position myself second (the Casino’s CEO is always first). I have no idea what I said to him that night, but I do remember our second kiss. I remember that he was charming, and gracious, and he seemed genuinely happy to meet me. I held him close—he held me closer—and smiled for the camera. And then I waved goodbye to the boy man I will always love.

Photo via Suzanne Whitfield Vince
Photo via Suzanne Whitfield Vince

As I tucked my nine-year-old self into the twin bed back at the B&B, I stared up at the ceiling, an enormous smile fixed to my face, and I knew that nothing could ever top this night. My childhood yearning was complete. I never wanted, or needed, to see David Cassidy again. Except maybe in my dreams.

I’m pleased to say that after the first time I posted this, I was contacted my David’s web mistress and am thrilled to say that my post has been added to David’s website!! You can find it here

Rest in peace, David. You will be missed.

33 comments on… “My Night With David Cassidy”

  1. OMG. The first crush I remember having was the Six Million Dollar Man. Not Lee Majors, mind you. But the Six Million Dollar Man. Because little six year-old Rhenna didn’t know the difference between actors and characters. I literally straightened the house one night before the show started. I think my mom laughed herself silly for at least thirty minutes.

  2. Oh my! What a great story! I can’t believe you actually met him. So you see, dreams do come true, even if they take years and years. I was madly in love with Robert Horton from Wagon Train. I even wrote to his wife and she wrote back. Googled him recently and found he was still married to her and, of course, he got much older. Still wouldn’t mind meeting him though!

    • Marianna – I had to google him to see who he is. He’s still quite dapper looking!! That’s really cute that you wrote his wife and she wrote back. Do you still have the letter?

  3. Well, I was in love with the other brother – Shaun. OMG he made my heart pitter patter. And HE was a Hardy Boy – even better than a partridge!

    Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting my teen-age heart throb and now I’m not even sure I’d want to, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

      • w6terlily

        Update :
        Shaun is a happy and stable family man and a successful writer and producer. His newest project, Emerald City, is due to pilot in 2016.

  4. For me the first was Bobby Sherman, followed shortly thereafter by David. John Denver fell in there somewhere too.

    I grew up in the city of Chicago, and my mother took my friends and me to a David Cassidy concert at what was then the McCormick Place amphitheater. (My mother was a saint!) We sat in the first balcony, right on the edge, a great view spot but not close enough to ‘the man’. Then part way through the concert, two girls on the main floor rushed the stage down the center aisles below me, getting close enough to touch him. Was I envious!!!

    Fast forward a couple of years. My family moved out of the city to the ‘burbs, and I found a new group of girls to hand out with. As we got to know one another, we admitted our true love for all things David. We discussed concerts we’d attended, and low and behold, they were the two girls who had rushed the stage. So while we all admit to knowing each other for 42 years, it’s actually more like 45 – if you include our ‘David’ encounter!

    • What a great story, Yvonne! It sometimes amazes me what a small world it really is. And by the way, I’m from Chicago, too (grew up in Park Forest).

  5. My true love was/is also David Cassidy! I have met him also and he was very nice!

  6. Jean Brudd

    Ha! I loved Susan Dey, but I would not call it a crush. Mine was Andy Gibb. I had the posters. I still remember the one of him with the white and blue satin baseball jacket, that was open to reveal his hairy naked chest, of course, and TIGHT white pants.

  7. I love your writing style. We’re from the same era so I can understand your longing. I watched the Partridge Family never had a huge crush on any star. My sister, however, was deeply in love with Shaun Cassidy. She won a life size cutout of him from Tower Records for a poem she wrote. We used to walk by him (he was in her room) and chat. It makes me chuckle thinking of it. I believe he’s still in her loft 🙂

    • sacramentomom61

      Yes, Nancy is correct! When our mom passed away and we were cleaning out her house, i could not bear to toss my oversized 4ftx4ft Shaun Cassidy record cover ( a promo from a local record store) . So I carefully transported it in the mini van to our garage as my husband rolled his eyes in disgust……

  8. w6terlily

    Excited and happy for you. What a perfect night.

    I would like to meet Shaun Cassidy one day. A hug, if not a kiss, would be super.

  9. Laura Velez

    I have always wanted to meet David Cassidy. He has been my heart throb for many years.He has such a sexy voice.

  10. I too am a long time David Casside fan. WATCHING the Partridge Family, buying records magazines etc. I was 10 when it came on. Tried to catch reruns of all the things he did before. I got meet him after a play (Little Johnny Jones. He was sweet and nice. I took a picture with him and then went back the following week for him to sign it, which did. I’m from the Chicago area too.

  11. I loved reading your story, Suzanne! I loved vicariously through you! I adored David as well and remember kissing him (well, his likeness!) goodnight – and being afraid his paper lips on the poster would reveal my many kisses! He was very special, in so many ways.

  12. Hi I found this site while looking at pictures of David, I absolutely LOVE ! He is gorgeous and his voice just makes me melt. He is so sexy to me, I love his face and this may sound funny, but I just want to kiss his neck! I am heartbroken that he passed away. But so very happy I can watch videos and listen to cds. I have been in love with David for 51 years and counting!!! I love you David💙

  13. Hi. How awesome that you met David Cassidy!!! I am still SO in love with him 51 years later! He is gorgeous and his voice is absolutely beautiful, there are several pictures of David i love very much. 1 when he’s in his 20s with a brown Jean style jacket and he had the most handsome smile and another when he’s in jeans, a Jean shirt in Germany song I am a clown, he makes me melt, I just want to snuggle and kiss him and kiss his neck! I love that Adams Apple! I feel strange revealing this because he’s passed on,and I am nearly 59, but I love him so much, I can’t believe he’s gone! This is going to take a long, long, long time. I wish, I wish……things were…..i just wish….i wish he were still here. I hope he had more happier times than the pressvtries to push off but, I know it’s hard to feel sad and stuff. I wish……..💙💚💙💚 I love you David, forever

    • Hi GG,

      Thanks for sharing your feelings about David Cassidy! He was a very special part of many young girl’s childhoods.


  14. I met in 1994 at his book signing at the Mall of America. I just got his autograph in my book. You’re luckier because you got kissed!

  15. I can’t imagine being kissed by David!! Oh my gosh!!!! I’m so in love with him still. (Is this healthy 😄) 💚💙

  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New year! LOVE to David in Heaven, sweet, beautiful man ! 💚💙💚💙

  17. Well how crazy is this?! Lol …I am 58 born in ’63 and was age 7 in 1970 , during Partridge Family TV show premiere..never watched it , but recall the name David Cassidy and his hit song vaguely in mid 70s as I became more aware of pop music. I was more of a Shaun Cassidy fan due to the fact I was 13 during his fame. My bedroom wall was adorned with his poster and I love to sing and act at the time and put on a pretty good impersonation of Shaun, singing fast forward to 2019 and I was scrolling through YouTube, I came across A memory video of late entertainers who died in recent years and to , surprise 😮 I discovered David Cassidy had passed in 2017. Where was I ? So I began research his life and hits and I was so blown away with his raw talent singing and acting..I just fell madly in love with him in my 50’s!! Lol ❤ 😆 🤣…Many of you have had the “David experience” your whole life ( NO FAIR!! Lol) , I missed 😭 out!!! What lucky ducks you all are!!! I just melt but am so delighted and happy to hear stories of gals that get their shining moment with him!!! 💕 Bravo Suzanne!!! 👏

  18. Hi. That’s not crazy, David is irresistible! So gorgeous. I’ll love him forever. I’m in year 58 of loving him! I was 8 in 1972. 🙂 💙💚💙💚

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